Meet Captain Brad

lake st.clair fishing chartersAt the helm of Greenhead Fishing Charters is Brad Haggitt. Brad brings over thirty five years of fishing experience to his charter operation. At the age of 14, Brad went to work for Miners Sport fishing where he was first mate for John Miner for 5 years. At the age of 19, Brad became a licensed guide and went to work for Aldous Charters where he stayed for 7 years. John Miner passed away and his outfit was taken over by Ben Broadwell, where Brad worked for 2 years. After that, Brad worked for 3 years at Bradley Farms Charter Fishing. The Great Lakes Outfitting Co. purchased Miners operation from Ben Broadwell and Brad chartered there for 3 years. Brad started the new century by purchasing a 27-foot Penn-Yan Hunter and started his own charter company. He has since upgraded to a 28-foot Wellcraft in 2019. Brad is known and respected as one of Lake St. Clair’s most knowledgeable and innovative guides.

“Fishing is my Passion, Not my Hobby!”

Brad Haggitt filleting fishAs the owner of Greenhead Fishing Charters, I would like to invite you to enjoy the experience of fishing with us. My mission for every fishing charter is to show you some of the best fishing of your life, and to enjoy a day of fun and relaxation outdoors. As an avid sportsman and guide, my commitment to you and to myself is to provide to the best of my ability a successful and memorable trip. Whether I’m fishing for a trophy Muskie or perched in a tree stand with bow in hand, or waiting for the answer of a bull moose, my goal is success now and for future generations. – Brad Haggitt

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Providing Fishing Excellence since 1985